Die-cut Handle Bags

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Quality shopping bags at a bargain - our program is designed to present you with a "stock" printed retail bag. Our plant manager and sales manager have worked together to find the most common plastic shopping bag sizes as well as the most economical sizes to manufacture. By offering this select line of retail bags, the customer will get a GREAT bag at a GREAT price delivered in as little as three weeks from approvals.
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Reinforced header - strengthens handle and reinforces bag opening
High quality white low density polyethylene


2.0mm full spec - surpasses industry standard

This bag is perfect for trade shows, corporate outings, and retail stores!


Price per Thousang Bags!

10,000 bags

Width x Length

5,000 bags

20,000 bags

10 x 12*




12x 15 + 4 BG




12x 18 + 4 BG




18x 20




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